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SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device

Grundlegende Informationen
Place of Origin: China
Markenname: SAFEGAS
Zertifizierung: ATEX/EMC/IECEX
Model Number: SKY3000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Preis: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum Suitcase
Delivery Time: 3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 pieces per month
Gas type: O2,CO,H2S,LEL is the standard gas combine,other combine can be specified Sampling method: pump suction
Measure range: Specified according to application Resolution: Specified according to application
Zertifizierung: CE,ATEX,IECEx,ISO Language: Chinese/English(More language can be customized)
Alarm: buzzer , flashing red LED and vibration alarm Power: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Working hour: More than 15 hours in continuous pumping mode Response time: ≤30 seconds
Data record: Can store 100,000 sets data Single package size:: 34X24X14 cm
Single gross weight:: 1.64kg


Product Description

SKY3000  Portable gas detector


SKY3000 series is a high-performance portable gas detector that can detect multiple gases (Oxygen compounds VOC, combustible gas and toxic gas) at the same time and has man down alarm function.The device has humanized operation functions such as one-key security detection, one-key storage, automatic image flipping, as well as the man down alarm function; With optionalBluetooth transmission function, allowing safety personnel to obtain real-time data and the alarm status.


It has obtained international IECEX, ATEX explosion-proof certification and Chinese explosion-proof certification; As it passed the antistatic test, and the protection level reaches IP67; With safer product design and the module designwhich makes the detection faster, and the compact ergonomic design makes the device easy carrying; The instrument is mainly working in suction mode. When the air pump fails or in special emergency situations , it can automatically switch to the diffusion sampling method, thereby improving the protection to a new Level.


The explosion-proof Grade of the SKY3000 series is Ex ia IIC T4 Ga,which is applicable to the explosive gas mixture zone 0, zone 1, and zone 2 of the factory with grades ⅡA, ⅡB, and ⅡC and temperature group T1~T4.


Product Picture

SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 0SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 1SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 2SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 3

Product Advantage

Rugged and durable

●The instrument can effectively resist a three-meter drop

●The protection level of the instrument reaches IP67


●The instrument has passed the EMC anti-static interference test and can work normally

in the walkie-talkie environment


Explosion-proof circuit design, safe and reliable

●The instrument has got IECEX, ATEX, Chinese explosion-proof certificates and the

explosion-proof level reaches Exia IICT4 Ga


Multiple security protection

●The man down alarm function has upgraded the

safety of underground operators

●Password protection function prevents non-operators

from modifying menu parameters

●With safety reminder function, sound and light vibration

alarm function, let operators work without worries


Simultaneous measurement of multiple gases, multiple numerical display

●The instrument can detect 1-4 gases at the same time

●Real-time value, TWA, STEL, MAX, MIN multiple numerical display


Large screen display, flexible detection system, multiple filtering devices

●The screen can be automatically turned 180 degrees, which is convenient for viewing in special operating environments

●Built-in powerful sampling pump, fast detection speed

●Can be connected 20m sampling tube externally, which is convenient for long-distance or confined space detection

●Pump suction and diffusion dual use, to provide operators with more reliable protection

●With a water trap filter, it can effectively filter water, oil, dust and other impurities. It can also be used in harsh industrial environments such as coal mines and petroleum fields


Powerful function, more user-friendly operation

●Beautiful and friendly user interface, reasonable and easy-to-use interactive mode

●Optional Bluetooth function, data can be transmitted to the mobile phone or PC in real time

●Standard storage function, one-click data export, convenient for users to analyze

●Unique modifiable ID identification function, convenient for users to allocate and manage the instrument

●A full range of automatic detection functions, automatic prompts for voltage, pump failure alarms, etc., more comfortable to use

●One-key security detection

●Support PPM and mg/m3 gas unit switch, the concentration value is automatically converted by the system

●Support each channel sensor to restore the factory setting separately

●Support multi-language including English.Chinese and etc.




Product configuration

Standard accessories:

●Gas detector 1 piece


●12V/1A DC power adapter 1 piece


●USB cable 1 piece


●User manual 1 piece


●Warranty card 1 piece


●Filter 1 piece


●Aluminum suitcase 1 piece


Why choose us?
1. R&D team experience: over 25 years.
2. Company certification: ISO9001, ISO45001
3. Product certification: IECEx (the only one in China), ATEX, CE
4. Delivery: 5-7 days
5. Yearly capacity: 80,000 units
6. Service: Professional sales staff provide 7*24 hours service


Safegas is a company that focuses on the design,production and sales of environmental monitoring equipment and system for 16 years. With “gas detector” as the core product, we have completed production lines and solutions according to different industries,such as Oil, Chemical, Medicine, Energy, Environmental Protection, Electronic, Municipal Engineering, Agriculture and Forestry, Household Appliances, etc. Through about 16 years of rapid development, Safegas becomes the influential supplier for environmental monitoring equipment and system in the domestic and overseas market.

SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 4

For years, Safegas always insisted on the management concept “Market is orientation. Innovation is motivation. Quality to survival. Development to growth.” With friendly, open, and strict corporate culture and standardized management, Safegas gathers a lot of talents and builds up the management team and R&D team. All the staff cooperates well in product development, production, and maintenance, and has a deep understanding of the concept of “customer-oriented”, and runs the service spirit through the company operation and management, to win the trust and support from customers.

SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 5

Depending on years of measurement experience and Safegas solutions, through independent research and development, cooperative development and learning overseas latest technology, Safegas’s products are domestic advanced, and can compete with overseas brand. We are seeking for development and progress constantly, and trying to meet diversified demands from customers.

SAFEGAS Multi Gas Detector Portable O2 LEL H2S CO CO2 Gas Concentration 6 In 1 Device 6

Daphne Luo

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